Earth Notes: 16WW Energy Systems Diagrams

Updated 2022-06-15 07:29 GMT.
By Damon Hart-Davis.
Energy subsystem diagrams including microgeneration and storage at 16WW. #energy #microgen #storage
20160805 T5
A central location for schematics of current (and former) energy systems at EOU Towers.


Not in this page:

Eddi PV Diverter and Thermino Heat Battery

Unvented cylinder and Combi pre feed with solar Schematic 002 p2 SA
Generic schematic for (myenergi eddi) diverter, Sunamp Thermino and gas combi boiler in correct configuration for 16WW. (Extract from Sunamp PDF, with permission.) Note that a dedicated RPi requests the eddit to provide boosts from the mains whne carbon intensity is low enough and the Thermino is empty enough.

Read more on the Thermino heat battery installation.

See the Eddi Solar PV Diverter Top-up Dataset.

Current Grid-tie Solar PV System

Read more on the (first round of the) installation.

The electrical schematic (circuit diagram) for first 1.29kWp (2008).

The electrical schematic (circuit diagram) at expansion to 3.87kWp (2009).

The electrical schematic (circuit diagram) at expansion to 5.16kWp (2010).

20100415 3rd round schematic 5p16kWp excerpt
Solar PV 5.16kWp generation system as of 2010-04-15.

Current Off-grid Solar PV System

main changes made; 510Wp 30Vmp in place
Off-grid PV system with storage as of 2016-08-05. [PDF]

Off-grid system notes:

See Expanding and Optimising Off-grid PV for Mid-winter.

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