Earth Notes: Crows in the Cemetery on a Hot June Afternoon (2024-06)

Updated 2024-06-28 08:28 GMT.
By Damon Hart-Davis.
Corvids chatting in a green space between a suburban recycling centre and a building site under airport flight path #fieldRecording #London #crows
crows in cemetery June afternoon lb
Crows (mainly jackdaws) feeding and in the trees in a corner of the Kingston-upon-Thames Bonner Hill Road cemetery, with the dump / tip / recycling centre through the trees to the left and the Cambridge Road Estate regeneration building site off to the right.
376s "20240627T1315Z crows and noises off in cemetery" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
[Six minutes of ambient warm cemetery with jackdaws and other crows, with some noises off from waste management and construction work and aeroplanes for Heathrow and a bit of wind.]
crows in cemetery June afternoon

Show Notes

Zoom H1n handheld sitting on gravestone.

~142 words.