Earth Notes: Weymouth Ambient (2020-08)

Updated 2024-04-04 11:36 GMT.
By Damon Hart-Davis.
Ambient soundscape from a week in Weymouth late in August: boats, beach, amusements, eating... #Weymouth #soundscape #fieldRecording
20200827 Weymouth beach dusk people clouds moored cruiseliners

This episode has no spoken commentary from me, it's just the ambience.

Weymouth sounds in the order recorded, mainly from on the first full day there, .

This one-week "UKation" aka "UK staycation" was in lieu of two others (with parents) and a likely beach fortnight in the south of France.

1335s "202008 Weymouth ambient boats beach amusements eating" (captions) Uploaded . Downloads:
[Ambient sounds from Weymouth UK, by the sea on the English south coast, in the holidays.]

Bonus Track

Travel by train to Weymouth:

388s "202008 Weymouth by train via Waterloo" Uploaded . Downloads:

The train-travel sequence was on 2020-08-24 from ~9am BST to ~11am, thus not all of the journey, but representative.

The case-with-tiny-wheels segment was actually from 2020-08-31 (~9am), on the way back to the station in Weymouth. Revoke my artistic licence!

Show Notes

All field recordings at 16-bit 48ksps FLAC on an Olympus LS-P4, handheld. (Thanks again Deniz for the loan!)

The source sounds (eg as FLACs) are too large to retain all of, but a few have been kept.

Waterloo train concourse, corona-quiet, about 9am on 2020-08-24:

64s "20200824 morning Waterloo station concourse" Uploaded . Downloads:

Small boats' rigging rattling in the wind, eg against hollow masts, like chimes:

42s "20200825 Weymouth boat rigging rattling against mast in breeze" Uploaded . Downloads:
21s "20200825 Weymouth boat rigging rattling against mast in breeze" Uploaded . Downloads:

Gentle waves breaking on the beach:

24s "20200825 Weymouth beach gentle waves breaking" Uploaded . Downloads:

Excited children (and others!) playing on the beach:

64s "20200826 Weymouth beach children playing excited" Uploaded . Downloads:

Amusements (though less packed than usual) full of coin drops and electronic noises and kitcsh:

111s "20200825 Weymouth amusements" Uploaded . Downloads:

Music, air hockey:

109s "20200825 Weymouth amusements music air hockey" Uploaded . Downloads:

Electronic noises, maybe from gambling machines in over-18s section:

52s "20200825 Weymouth amusements electronic noises" Uploaded . Downloads:

Coins payout, from a jackpot or a change-giving machine:

3s "20200825 Weymouth amusements coins payout" Uploaded . Downloads:

Popular busy cafe, busier with Eat Out to Help Out government 50% discount:

74s "20200829 Weymouth cafe busy loud" Uploaded . Downloads:
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