Earth Notes: Eco Puzzlers For Masters of Engineering

Updated 2023-09-17 21:10 GMT.
By Damon Hart-Davis.
For those on their way to mastering engineering... A set of thought experiments to help fix the real world. #ecoEngineering
train fast
A set of eco puzzles set for real MEng students by "The Prof" covering real-world problems — including fixing the climate. Often but not always UK-based.

Many thanks to "The Prof" for so generously making this material available!


  1. Tay Salty Leccy: How to generate electricity from the Tay estuary saline gradient?
  2. Ocean Thermal Power: How to generate electricity from ocean thermal differences?
  3. 100% Greenhouse Gas Free Energy for the UK: How to create a 100% Greenhouse Gas Free Energy System for the UK?
  4. HS3 Rail: Design a 400kph+ train system London to Birmingham to Manchester to Glasgow.
  5. Jules Verne Trophy: Design a vessel, and all associated aspects, to lift the trophy!
  6. GB Water Grid: Design an efficient and effective national grid for water!
~174 words.