Earth Notes: Hanwell Hootie Ambient (2022-05)

Updated 2024-04-08 13:32 GMT.
By Damon Hart-Davis.
Random samples of soundscape from a loud local music festival and just after. #festival #fieldRecording
Hanwell Hootie 2022 main stage unfocussed

This episode has no particular words from me, it's all ambience.

Some snatches of sound while people enjoy themselves post-plague in pubs and the open air, with music and beer and a bit of bhangra dancing. 60 years of Marshall, 10 years of Hootie...
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[Ambient sounds from the Hanwell Hootie in west London on a pleasant May evening.]

Show Notes

Recorded on the Zoom H1n, hand-held.

Each clip was normalised separately.

Other than start/end fade -in/-out, the clips are raw and in order.

Not all clips were used, especially right at the start before I realised that I had to turn the mic sensitivity down a long way as the first venue was so LOUD!

I had a couple of good-natured enquiries about what I was recording!

~172 words.