Earth Notes: Saving The Planet @Home

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Be a climate hero, starting with your home!

Want to do your bit at home to improve your quality of life, save money, cut down on waste and carbon pollution, and get the planet back how it used to be?

Did you know that the majority of your neighbours are undertaking energy saving actions every day? That is also one of the most powerful messages to encourage people to save.

This site is mainly about the practical steps that I have taken to make my own life (and that of my family) a little better and lower-carbon. Many of them are actions that you could take too...

On Earth Notes

beach near Agde

Featured: Low Carbon Family Holidays (easyread frugal)

Be a social superstar without 57 foreign holidays every year! Cut stress, cost, carbon and food waste. Have loads of fun! #frugal #holiday #TravellersCheck

Flying isn't bad in and of itself if it weren't for the carbon footprint. It's a safe and moderately* efficient way to shift a human body wherever it's going per mile. Indeed a fully-loaded small car is comparable. You just wouldn't dream of trying to drive to a holiday in Australia in a Mini even if it were possible. And most people wouldn't regard a road-trip across a continent with small children as much fun either. The enemy isn't the plane, it's the distance. The jumbo jet encourages us to take far longer trips than we otherwise would, and thus have a much larger footprint than necessary. For example, in summer 2016 we went to the south of France by train, at reasonable lick.

Random: On Tools for Solar PV/Thermal Projects (microgen tech)

Learn about some tools helpful when considering/designing a solar PV or thermal system for the UK. #solar #tools #microgen

grid carbon intensity

LIVE GB Grid Carbon Intensity (mobile), Live grid-tie PV generation and off-grid PV stats.

FEEDS site, podcast, data.

SECTIONS dataset, frugal, microgeneration, podcast, research.

Yearly Electricity and Gas (ie heat and light) Carbon Footprint

Things That We've Done

We've crunched our carbon footprint. We've become a SuperHome. We've pondered other changes that we might make. But most of all there's been quite a lot of fun learning. Maybe it's my engineering mindset, but I've made a hobby out of conservation and meter watching. I've had fun out of 'tuning' life a little. The rest of my family humours me!

See a full list of articles in the site guide, but here's some actions to start with that we took...

Things That You Can Do

Effective changes that can be made at home are based on lowering energy/resource demand...
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