Earth Notes: Saving Electricity and Gas (2018)

Meter readings and energy-saving comments for our dual fuel use in 2018.
Oct2007 bill graph savings 2018 PV Output


See the daily PV generation logs for 2018 as .csv and .png chart.

MonthConsumed kWh (/d)Generated -kWh (/d)Consumed kWh (/d) PeriodNotes
2018/01 214 (6.9/d) -62 (-2.0/d) 585 (19/d) 20171231-18:45-GMT to 20180131-19:19-GMT (31d) Meter readings: electricity generation 61.9kWh, export 35.3kWh, import 187.1kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 213.5kWh); gas ~52.7m^3 (so 585kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
"SmartThings" sensors to cross-calibrate OpenTRV devices draw ~10W, thus add ~0.25kWh/d to gross electricity consumption.
HDD12=166 vs 248 last January.
2018/02 186 (6.6/d) -104 (-3.7/d) 746 (28/d) 20180131-19:19-GMT to 20180228-18:32-GMT (28d) Meter readings: electricity generation 146.6kWh, export 104.4kWh, import 143.8kWh (thus net consumption (I+G-E) 186.0kWh); gas ~67.2m^3 (so 746kWh @ 11.1kWh/m^3).
This has been the coldest February (in terms of HDD) that I have observed at 16WW.
HDD12=237 vs 139 last February.

2018/02: this is the coldest February here at 16WW while I've monitoring, but nowhere near the highest gas use, thanks to insulation and to Radbot/OpenTRV!