Earth Notes: On Website Technicals

Tech updates on the nitty gritty of making the Earth Notes site work: index page.

To be updated intermittently, usually when I should be doing something else!

All about the interesting and mundane behind-the-scenes tech bits to grow and optimise this site, including purely technical measures such as speed, but also user experience beyond just adding new articles and updating existing ones.

Useful tools, preferably reasonably recently used, and encountered while writing these entries, are listed at the end.

I would welcome feedback on any of the points that I have raised.


Notes On Site Technicals: Greatest Hits

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Atom sitemaps (un)pending, Googlebot Bandwidth, backups, HTML Improvements, hunting with regexes, front-page heroes, Cache-Control, restart drill...
ad injection, meta, static precompression, zopfli, HTTP/head response overhead reduction, Bing Webmaster Tools, FEEDValidator, Share42, utf-8.
CDN revoked, structured data, 10 years old, XML sitemap at long last and lastmod, HTML5 conformance, PageSpeed.