Earth Notes: On Website Technicals

Read my nitty-gritty tech updates and daily learnings while keeping the Earth Notes site up and running; site stats also.

These notes will be updated intermittently, usually when I should be doing something else!

These notes are all about the interesting (and mundane) behind-the-scenes tech bits and bobs to grow and optimise this site, including purely technical measures such as speed, but also user experience beyond just adding new articles and updating existing ones.

Please try the useful tools, reasonably recently used and re-used by me, and encountered while writing these entries, listed under Sources and Links.

The Sources and Links section of each of the site notes pages lists interesting and/or useful resources encountered, even if not directly used for the site.

Also please take a look at the simple automatically-updated site stats below.

I welcome feedback on any of the issues that I have discussed. I share this stuff because it's interesting and because writing it here may save someone else some unnecessary head-scratching! No longer do we need to really know anything technical, nor own a shelf full of reference books (so '90s!), we just need to be able to compose queries for our favourite search engines!

The newest pages are at the top of this list, and the newest items are at the top of each linked page. Enjoy!

Notes On Site Technicals: Index

#17: :
Preparing for RPi3.
#16: :
data file Atom sitemap in robots.txt, Google Dataset Search, poetry, DataDownload, CC0 licence, About, AMP.
#15: :
PWA revisited, auto lazy loading, jumpy AutoAds, more content pyramid, CRP and efficient canonicals, custom 404.
#14: :
warming up to HTTP/2 and Brotli and HTTPS and the rest.
#13: :
creating a skim-friendly content pyramid, after the GDPR-calypse.
#12: :
CSS box-shadow performance for mobile, dns-prefetch fail, micro-optimisations, GDPR.
#11: :
read time, lighter heroes, jpegtran, jpegrescan, jpegultrascan, no lite ads, Primitive, SuppressDescription, SVG, Save-Data HTML, Sitebulb.
#10: :
Auto Ad imbalance, incremental build, readability, tags, ad borders, TechArticle and Report, SoftwareSourceCode.
#9: :
Bing head, a saved byte, boxed cols and rounded corners, Google AdSense Auto Ads.
#8: :
PSNR lo-fi PNG autogeneration, page media, secondary image, client hints.
#7: :
too little markup, bad traffic, big hero, base download ms, service worker no rel, jump-to.
#6: :
Googlebot warp space, image re-optimisation, even liter, defer, inlining, video.
#5: :
rounded corners, mobile usability, HTTP/2 vs mobile, bad bot, UnCSS tweaks, latency, unit tests, visuals, Save-Data header, lite vs mobile.
#4: :
ImageMagick 20 years, Brew, autogen banners, old eyes, optimised ads, mobile traffic, brotli, doctype, JPEG fun, purifycss, UnCSS, OnDemand.
#3: :
Atom sitemaps (un)pending, Googlebot bandwidth, HTML improvements, regex big beast hunting, heroes, Cache-Control, restart drill, minifying.
#2: :
ad injection, meta, static precompression, zopfli, HTTP/head response overhead diet, Bing Webmaster Tools, FeedValidator, Share42, utf-8.
#1: :
CDN revoked, structured data, 10 years old, XML sitemap at long last and lastmod, HTML5 conformance, PageSpeed.


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