Earth Notes: On Website Technicals (2018/10)

Tech updates: Preparing for RPi3...

2018/10/13: Preparing for the Raspberry Pi 3 Upgrade

Thinking about the logistics of bringing up the new RPi3 server, it seems to me that it will be tricky enough restoring the current capabilities (eg working out all the packages to reinstall and upgrade) and getting the new networking right (doing without the existing router to save ~8W and some downtime).

So the desired chnages that provoked the upgrade (supporting HTTPS and HTTP/2, and probably Brotli) will have to wait until everything existing is back to where it was (though a little faster). It would be good even before then, but apparently essential to make HTTP/2 work well, to switch on BBR and tcp_notsent_lowat etc.

I have ordered storage for the new RPi3. 256GB of fast non-volatile storage in the size of a fingernail, around £60 retail, and requiring tiny amounts of power. When I tell the kids these days that my entire university's storage in 1986 was 1.5GB they don't believe me!