Earth Notes: On Office Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Sweating it out or shivering 9 to 5? Small business and home office tips: get comfortable, save money, cut carbon!

Keep a lid on unnecessary sweats and chills outside the boardroom...

There are simple things that you can do to save money and keep your cool. Especially in summer, using equipment efficiently and turning off gadgets that you don't need will save the pennies and reduce overheating.

Even in winter, don't be tempted to turn stuff on just to thaw the office; using your building's dedicated heating system will be cheaper and should be more effective too.

Many of us will have experienced passive-aggressive battles in the office where someone wants to wear a level of clothing more appropriate for the beach, demands the heat be turned up, and forces the rest of us to swelter year round, or indeed always comes in dressed for Svalbard forcing the rest of us to shiver when the air-con is cranked to max. Everyone will be much more comfortable with seasonally approriate clothing and a light hand on the air-con. That's the sort of battle management should help resolve, while saving money and tempers...



Some ideas to beat the office heat...


Avoid your fingers freezing to the desk...

You know what makes building managers cry? Electric space heaters plugged in under desks. Not only might they overload circuits only meant for computers, especially those meant to stay running though a power cut (yes, I've seen it happen), but they are a fire-hazard and inefficient. Try and find another solution, maybe as simple as a raised footrest if the floor is cold!

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