Earth Notes: On Greening Christmas

Updated 2019-04-22 17:57 GMT
Twelve top tips that the Internet gave to me for a greener Xmas... Have fun, save money, do the right thing by the environment - triple win!
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How to have a green 'eco' Christmas, spending less money and more time, eating better. And giving experiences and gifts that last!

This is intentionally something of a linkfest, to give you lots of ideas...

Think ahead, save money and trim your Christmas carbon footprint:

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  1. Have a potted or plastic or recycled cardboard tree so that it's reusable next year, else recycle it, maybe as fish food, and use energy-saving LED lights without lighting up your whole neighbourhood!
  2. Play it forward, and give "pre-loved" second-hand gifts wrapped in plain paper to friends and neighbours, eg good books left on doorsteps.
  3. Re-use gift bags and ribbon and make wrapping paper with the kids eg using potato prints on redeployed packaging/paper/card; recycle what you can't re-use. Also, keep your cards to make tags next year.
  4. Use rechargeable batteries rather than disposables and save a lot of landfill! In the same vein, consider the gift of repair.
  5. For someone who has everything already, or wants almost nothing, buy a charity gift, such as the famous goat for Goa (Oxfam Unwrapped), rather than unwanted tat.
  6. Buy someone a herb garden or seeds rather than plastic or electronics.
  7. Get your groceries delivered, and share with a neighbour, to reduce emissions. Try to avoid serving people with single-use paper or plastic plates and cups if you are entertaining.
  8. Plan ahead to use up what you reasonably can in your freezer and store cupboards before the break to make space, don't waste food at the time, and then use your freshly-liberated space to help manage and use leftovers well.
  9. Eat less meat and more veg this Christmas (and grow some veg at home for next year).
  10. Travel by public transport, and don't go too far (so don't fly).
  11. Check your home's insulation and draft-proofing to keep down your heating bills (and carbon footprint) and look for grants and loans to help!
  12. Feed the birds (and your compost heap).
Brussels Grand Place ice skating at Christmas

Bonus thought: when visiting a small shop Close The Door behind you to help save the shop up to 50% of its energy bill and carbon footprint!

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Don't forget to have fun!