Earth Notes: On the "Dull is Good" Cleanweb Meetup (2015/06)

IoT in Green and Beige: saving the planet one boring box at a time! Meeting notes and presentations.
people meeting

Material from the Cleanweb meetup in the evening of 2015/06/22.

Cleanweb, IoT

"Cleanweb" is the use of connected IT to address resource and sustainability challenges.

The meeting was hosted by Makers Academy: thanks!

A meeting built on the premise that IoT will be truely successful when it blends into the background, possibly as a series of boring beige boxes, and doesn't require early-adopter types to continually fiddle with it. (But the security should not fail before the device otherwise does, which is hard to get right in the absence of a crystal ball.)

This is especially true of 'green' IoT, witness the OpenTRV fit-and-forget design principles.

This was part of our dissemination work for IoT Launchpad.

Speakers and Talks

The four speakers and talks (with some key extracts) were: