Earth Notes: The Earth Notes Podcast @Home

Updated 2019-09-22 12:23 GMT.
Listen to the Earth Notes occasional podcast on all things green and efficient @Home.
How to cut your carbon footprint at home without pain! All Earth Notes podcast episodes (audio-based articles) are listed here. Look out for the full transcripts.

The first two episodes were created to support a local naturalist who gives guided walks around our local council housing estate.

Each episode is usually just a few minutes long, and is on a 'green' or energy efficiency or energy data topic, often based at home.

Some episodes are a little more tangental, such as listening to the temperature of your radiators for a whole year in a second.


Other ways to listen

'Lite' pages link to smaller versions of the audio files. Smaller files may help save your data allowance and a tiny carbon toeprint. The smaller version may also be served automatically if you have data saving mode (Save-Data: on) enabled in your browser.

This podcast is also available via Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.