Earth Notes: Energy Game Changer: HaaS Lite Introduction

EGC: an introduction to HaaS Lite.

HaaS Lite - Heating as a Service Lite

A feasibility study on the opportunity offered by the smart meter rollout to provide data supporting the financing of energy saving measures and exploring the concept of 'Heating as a Service'.

This is a partially Innovate UK funded study to see how we can get the desired outcome (warm toes) paid for rather than the current carbon-laden cubic metres of gas or kWh of electricity. This allows reduction of domestic home-heating carbon footprint while keeping people warm and healthy, and suppliers viable.

In particular we see HaaS Lite as one way to reach large but currently poorly-served sectors such as private renters, that the Green Deal should have reached but was too complex and expensive for.

We see three strands that all have to work to make HaaS successful:

  • Social/Customer: sustainable messaging and UX for real humans
  • Technical: interactions with metering, suppliers, and end users
  • Financial: the business process that makes it work for all parties

Our first desk-based research work package (WP1) explores what's already out there, what works and what doesn't.

Sources and Links

  • Gateway to Research HaaS Lite public project details.